Why you should have 2 saskatoon wedding photographers on your big day

The right wedding photographer will capture and preserve your wedding day for a lifetime. If he/she is doing their job right, they should be documenting everything – as it is occuring through out your wedding day.

One thing you may want to consider when hiring your photographer is how many photographers will be at your wedding? If their is a “second shooter” find out if they are an assistant or a real photographer. An assistant may look like a photographer at first glance but they are usually someone who is trying to build their portfolio.

There are many other factors when making up your mind about a photographer. Seeing (and liking) their work and style is important but making sure your personalities are clicking is even more important. You’ll want your photographer to blend into your wedding. This will help capture the emotions going on through out the day, and let you feel more comfortable showing those emotions. Sometimes your photographers appearance, age, or even sense of humor can make or break the deal.

Why are two better than one?

Having two photographers on your wedding day will give you many advantages. One advantage is you will have multiple angles of the same shot. While you and your bridesmaids are smiling at one of the photographers, the other photographer will be getting the same image from a candid position. Having a second shooter will also give you much wider coverage of your wedding. While the girls might be taking forever to get ready at the hotel, the second shooter can be with the guys at the ceremony site (or in some cases, at the bar!) The candid photos of the guys having a blast before the wedding can be priceless. There are many more advantages of course but  the main benefit is you are getting two different perspectives on your wedding day and since we shoot as a pair, we never miss a moment!

– Dylan McAmmond
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